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Travel scams – Video 11 – Most Popular Internet Scams

what about the Travel scams. These scams usually appear in the hot summer months or before the short winter vacations like Christmas or New Year’s Day. The scam goes like this, you receive an email containing an amazing offer for an extraordinary hard to get to destination, usually an exotic place. And this offer expires in a short period of time and you must act now not miss this great deal.

Here’s where they get you, some of these offers actually hide some necessary costs until you pay for the initial offer, like a down payment. But Most of the time, these scammers just take your money without sending you anywhere.

In any case, I suggest that you study the travel offer very well and look for hidden costs, such as: airport taxes, tickets that you need to pay to access a local attraction, check if the meals are included or not, other local transportation fees between your airport and the hotel or between the hotel and the main attractions mentioned in the initial offer, etc. As a general rule, I strongly advise that you go with the trustworthy, well known travel agencies, and always look at the reviews before booking.

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