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DeepFake technology becoming new ransomware

Deepfakes are images, audio, and video using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to look like accurate content and spread false info.

Deepfakes are designed images, audio, and video content using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies to look like accurate content and spread misinformation and lead to ransomware.

The scrupulous replaces the voice/image of a particular person’s speech to manipulate information. For instance, One goal of Deepfake is to confuse and spread disinformation campaigns targeting famous personalities for money. The FBI described it as “The broad spectrum of generated or manipulated digital content, including images, video, audio and text.”

It isn’t the usual what-you-see-is-what-you-get. You don’t know what you are getting and may lead to a ransomware attack

Malicious hackers often misuse Deepfake technology to make money by holding your data for ransom. Sound familiar? 

Deep faking is a logical move for hackers. Moreover, Hackers launch phishing attacks with malware embedded in an enticing deepfake video like sharing ransomware software. 

For example, hackers can email an employee of the company’s CEO giving an important speech, though fake. “Your CEO has an important message for you.” Many employees would click View.

Another possibility is showing a co-working in illicit behaviour. It’s human nature to be curious. It’s fake, of course, but when an employee opens the video? A hacker is inside the network.

Preventing deepfake attacks

Employees trained in spotting phishing attacks will come to understand deepfake phishing attempts. Still, many trained employees click on a suspect link. Cybersecurity awareness training must continue to include emerging technologies.

Can you tell a fake from the real deal? However, Cyology Labs experts are one step ahead of new technologies. Our cyber training and panoptic audits keep you ahead of the hackers. 

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