Terry Cutler – The Ethical Hacker


Q: How does the affiliate program work?

A: The ISU Partner Affiliate Program is easy to join: You don’t pay us a cent. In fact, we pay you. By encouraging your subscribers to sign up for Internet Safety University via your affiliate code, you receive a percentage of each purchase of the annual membership, on a monthly basis. There’s no cost to join, it is recurring, inclusive and limitless.

Q: What’s in it for my viewers?

A: The following:

  • Great knowledge and insights on the secrets from an ethical hacker
  • A great discount to this course made available by using your affiliate code
  • Awareness when it comes down to the dangers of using the internet to avoid getting hacked, scammed, being a victim of identity theft
  • Free resources and tips to strengthen their internet security
  • Free monthly updates on the most current cyber-threats for individuals from Internet Safety University.

Q: What’s in it for me?

A:The following:

  • A free copy of the course to get educated on how to stay safe on the internet. Not only that, I want to show you what he can do and the quality of his work.
  • A rewarding financial compensation package for all courses sold with your special affiliate code(25% of the value of the course will be automatically paid monthly to you by PayPal or bank account)
  • A sales dashboard and visibility to how many sales are made so that we’re completely transparent.
  • Resources and information for you to be able to advertise the course to your audience as you see fit.
  • Special access to Terry Cutler and the Cyology Labs team in case of a hacking attempt on your persona.

Q: What is the business model like?

A: By using your unique affiliate code that the system generates for you, your subscribers will immediately benefit from a %30 ($15) off the regular $49 CAD/year price tag and on the back-end, you will receive 25% of the value of the purchase(8.5 CAD).

Q: What can I do to increase sells?

A: Continue to increase your earnings by simply spreading the word to your social networks, clubs, teams, and friends. It’s easy, convenient, and can easily accrue a lot of revenue!

Q: Can you give me a number’s example?

A: The price of 1 course after discount is $34CAD. You will earn 25% of $34 each sale, which is $8.5

  • 100 sales made/month = $850 CAD payout at the end of the month
  • 1,000 sales made/month = $8,500 CAD payout at the end of the month

Q: Are the sales capped at a certain amount?

A: There is no cap to the number of sales as long as they purchase through your affiliate code

Q: How will the payment be made?

A: The payment is done automatically via PayPal by our third-party learning platform called Teachable.

Q: Why Teachable and not another platform?

A: By using the Teachable and PayPal platforms as a third party, we offer %100 transparency and it shortens the payment period.  Teachable by the way has hundreds of thousands of simultaneous users at a time and is used by large companies such as Coke and Pepsi, tons of great features and more which made it a logical choice for us.

Q: How can I see what the course is about?

A: If you would like to have a sense of how Mr. Cutler teaches, he created a FREE video series which leads up to the full product at www.InternetSafetyUniversity.com. Simply enter your email, and you’ll have immediate access.  If you would like to see all the course content, simply go to this link http://internetsafetyuniversity.teachable.com/p/insider-secrets-from-an-ethical-hacker-on-internet-safety


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