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Terry Cutler, Canada's Number One Ethical Hackers

You can call me a hacker…I don’t mind. It’s right there on my business card: Certified Ethical Cybersecurity Expert. Because that’s what I do. If you ask me to, I’ll break into your home desktop or your company’s computer system or a large corporation’s IT system.

Why would you want me to do that?

You’d rather that I did it before the unethical, evil hacker does it first and turns your life upside down in costly and cruel ways that you can’t even imagine. It happens every minute of every day in today’s digital world, a world of which you are a citizen.

Cybersecurity Expert is a more official title for my work. I’m the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the IT security and data defense company Cyology Labs, Inc. We protect small businesses, large corporations, families and individuals from cyber-criminals who victimize an estimated 1.5 million people a day, 600K on Facebook alone.

Sometimes we’re called “white hats,” like the good guys in the old Westerns but I prefer a new term I coined called Cyologist™. I don’t mind that either. A more accurate analogy for me is the modern forensics experts in the CSI television series because I also work to identify the perpetrators of crime and, more importantly, the potential perps. Maybe the most accurate identification for me would be “white robe,” for the white gi that I put on to practice Aikido. This art of self-defense is an apt reflection of what I do when I go to work for you.


There’s always work to be done. It’s a daily challenge to defend honest people and businesses in this incredibly fast-changing cyber-environment. The incidence of identity theft, credit card hacking, child abduction and bullying (not to mention business and political spying) is ever-increasing, and government and law enforcement agencies are not able to keep up. In addition to their best efforts, it is up to you to protect yourself, your family, your interests, which is why I Created Internet Safety University. I also contributed to the Mastering Kali Linux for Advanced Penetration Testing book (ISBN :1782163123) which has become a great resource for ethical hackers around the world.

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How I Can Help With Cybersecurity

I often give Internet Safety lessons online and in person to conventions, organizations, businesses, community associations, and ordinary folks everywhere as part of my “giving back” to the community. I also accept many invitations to do media interviews on TV, radio, in print and online publications. Each time I make a presentation, it gives me hope that people are waking up to the reality that, along with the wonderful benefits that the Internet brings, danger is lurking at your very doorstep.

There’s one other name that I go by: Magician. For years, my hobby has been performing up-close magic tricks and illusions to friends and family as a hobby. You won’t believe your eyes. It’s a lot of fun! And, but for the “magician’s code,” I could show you exactly how it works … but I can show you how invisible enemies will do things to you that aren’t fun. No fun at all.

Cybersecurity, ethical hacking, internet self-defense, and education: this is what I do. I’ll do it for you. Please explore my website and contact me.

Tarry Cutler Ethical Hacker


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