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Your employees are your biggest threat

Cybercriminals who want to exploit a business’ network vulnerabilities are always searching for access. The only way to counter these hackers is by deploying a strong cybersecurity posture. Additionally, companies should build a comprehensive security solution. Nevertheless, you may overlook the weakest link in your battle against cyber threats—your employees. 

Businesses today must enhance their cybersecurity strategies. Meanwhile, your untrained staff may expose your vulnerabilities without intention. By implementing routine security awareness training, you can prevent a vulnerability from escalating into a disaster. Moreover, as the first line of defence against cyberattacks, regular training will identify and deflate cyberthreats.

Why employees pose a risk

First, falling for phishing scams remains the most used tactic by hackers.

Second, a section of your employees might reuse the same password or a set of passwords for multiple accounts. It is a dangerous habit that allows cybercriminals to crack your business’ network security. 

Third, misdelivery: Even slight carelessness can lead to staff sending sensitive, business-critical information to a hacker. Be prepared to counter it.

Regular security awareness training 

Your employees are not likely to repel cyber threats through a single training program. Your business is not likely to develop an environment of security. Further, your employees need regular security awareness training to deal with the growing threat.

Time and money must never be an excuse for not providing your employees with security awareness training. Investing in training will help employees to respond to threats. As a result, they can save your business from data breaches, and potentially expensive lawsuits.

In the end, every employee must realize that even a minor mistake can snowball into a terrible security disaster. To that end, your business’ cybersecurity is also their responsibility. 

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