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Top tech acceleration technologies for 2022

I’ve noticed that organizations have had to make several overnight technology adjustments to stay afloat over the last few years. Like most businesses, you need solutions to support remote work and collaboration. But are those top tech acceleration technologies for 2022 pointing you in the right direction towards your long-term goals and vision?

Consider this: three years into the pandemic, many businesses are evaluating whether the technological solutions to adapt to a remote workforce are practical in the long run. Furthermore, for a better future, it’s critical to think beyond mere tech acceleration and embrace smart tech acceleration.

While tech acceleration is about fast implementations that fix short-term issues, smart tech acceleration focuses on implementing technology that supports an organization’s long-term goals and vision. Let’s look at some trends predicted to make waves in 2022 and beyond.

The total experience

Total experience combines both customer and employee experiences. By breaking down silos and integrating technology with employees, customers and users, total experience improves the overall experience. It focuses on meeting the needs of customers and employees to achieve better, meaningful, long-term business outcomes. 

According to experts, by 2026, 60% of large enterprises will use the total experience to transform their business models to achieve world-class customer and employee services.

Generative AI applications will rise

Generative AI is a catch-all term for artificial intelligence using unsupervised learning algorithms. By 2025, experts expect it to account for 10% of all data produced, up from less than 1% today.2 However, handle this technology with caution as it is becoming clear that it might share the same implicit biases as its developers. 

Many companies are now willing to pay bounties to address the problem caused by biases. For example, Twitter launched a bias bounty program in 2021, awarding a cash prize to a student who showed that an image-cropping algorithm favoured a particular face type. Despite the challenges associated with generative AI, keep in mind that, when used correctly, it can be transformative.

Smart infrastructure adoption will grow

Experts believe smart infrastructure investments to grow dramatically by 2022 since it’s clear that IoT and edge technologies that run on advanced networks like 5G can enable smart, connected ports, roads, and trains. Proactive businesses should never overlook this goldmine since it will undoubtedly catalyze growth.

Smart infrastructure has the following advantages: 

1. It helps your business become more agile by facilitating seamless collaboration. 

2. Having greater access to more comprehensive data allows you to improve your business. 

3. Performance-based analytics can help you identify problem areas and improve overall efficiency and effectiveness.

Partner for success

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