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Your email is being hacked

There are telltale signs your company email is being hacked.

A rejected password

The first sign your email is being hacked is you can’t sign in. If you notice your password is being repeatedly rejected, more than likely a hacker has changed it to block you out. 

Second, if you got into your email, it’s not a time to relax your vigilance. First, a hacker might just be playing with you. Second, you won’t notice anything. Check your sent mail folder. If there are messages you didn’t send, you may have a hacker. In other words, they have compromised you. 

You receive “WTF” emails

Hackers may send you “We froze your account” emails using user information lifted from your computer. “WTF? I paid that bill.” However, ask yourself, “Do I use the same password at home, at work, and second, for my personal accounts?” Hackers know this. As a result, they will search for personal information such as who you bank with or credit card companies you use. 

You sent your friends spam 

If your friends ask why you are sending me spam, assume your email is being hacked. 

Regain control from your email being hacked

  • Create a new email address
  • Let your friends know
  • Speak to your bank and other organizations
  • Don’t buy anything online – yet
  • Protect your computer with a robust anti-virus

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