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Teaching On Another Level 20,000 strong

VP of Cybersecurity at SIRCO, Founder at Internet Safety University, Founder and CEO at Cyology labs, Student and Teacher of emerging tech, there’s little that Terry Cutler does not do.

Oh yeah…did I mention has taught over 20, 000 people with his class called ” Insider secrets from an Ethical Hacker on Internet Safety ” on the famous e-classroom Udemy?

However you slice it, Terry has done so much. From feature appearances on CBC, PBS and CTV to being nominated as IFSEC Global’s top influencers, Terry has brought cybersecurity from a misunderstood topic to a commonly discussed trend.

From his role as an ethical hacker to his role as a teacher, I had so much to ask Terry. During this episode, we spoke about:
-The basic value proposition of his online class
-His teaching philosophy
-How you can safely navigate the web moving forward

Though a little shorter than a normal episode, it is jam-packed with value.

Big thanks to Terry for sharing his experience.

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