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New Year wish for 2012 !!

New Year wishHello everyone,

Just wanted to take a moment to wish a Happy New Year to all my family, friends, and of course the fans of my works. 2011 was a memorable year for me. My best friend and I left high paying jobs to enter into a venture to change the world of IT security and Privacy. I got to meet my new little guy named Matthew as he entered the world on October 18, and watched my other son David turn 4 three weeks later.

We hired a professional brand management company to help us out with our new websites and corporate Logo. Please be sure to read the 2 recent customer case studies they put together for us off our homepage. TerryCutler.com was then transformed into a blog where I’ll be able to be much more interactive with my readers.

I am co-writing a book.

While there is no title, the work is intended to be less a guide but more of go-to book when it comes to security testing and company protection against today’s hackers.

Those who know me as a Certified Ethical Hacker know how dedicated I am to working with corporations and helping them in their quest to close the doors on hackers.

We are looking for professionals who know or know someone who has had experience as a CXOs in charge and sign off on data security, and those with valuable IT security experience that wish to be interviewed to be a part of our book. Please contact me immediately !!

Our team at Digital Locksmiths (digitallocksmiths.ca) planted the seeds in 2011 which have now bore fruit. These are the rewards of our endless hours of labor. The true sign of love and passion for the work we do. I believe 2011 was a good start for many of our programs. Big THANK YOU to my wife for all her support and taking care of the kids during this busy time.

We were able to fuse in strong partners and technologies in our backend services. Just to brag a bit, some of our partners were behind uncovering the hidden Ghostnet network which hacked the Dalai Lama and other major international breaches.

One of our unwavering successes was being invited by the Canadian Embassy on a Trade Mission in November to present to Federal Agencies in the US such as Department of Homeland, F.B.I and MANY other high profiles which proved our worth in this industry.

We were awarded a Government grant to allow us to build software to address the ever growning cyber concerns.

With the guidance of retired insiders who are helping us commercialize effective counter threat methodologies that were used to protect our nation, The goal going forward is to be THE trusted privacy and security authority.

Being at the forefront of Digital Locksmiths is both a privilege and a great responsibility. I am determined to make the very best of the upcoming year. With our strong, motivated team working together we can surely make our goals happen.

2011 vividly showed me that the stumbles of our day, the imperfections—both big and small—are what make each day worth experiencing. It is through imperfections that we experience defining moments, chance encounters, and synchronicity that lead to discovery. Imperfections are the foundation for our unique space to begin growing organically.

Once again, on behalf of our company, I wish you and your families, a happy and successful 2012 !

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