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Lack of cybersecurity professionals another threat to company executives

Unquestionably, we’ve seen an increasing demand for cybersecurity professionals— faster than company executives can hire them. The numbers show that there is not only a demand but will continue to increase. Undoubtedly, the future will prove costly for company executives if they do nothing about it.

That’s because from 2013 to 2021, the number of vacant cybersecurity positions worldwide increased by a whopping 350%, leaving 3.5 million unoccupied over the next five to ten years. If that isn’t enough, this dire admission comes in the eye of a looming economic recession, new regulatory policies, increasing cybersecurity insurance liabilities, and changing technologies.

Admittedly, company executives are barely confident as they were a year ago in their capacity to build a cybersecurity culture or respond to a sudden attack. Conversely, and encouraging, small to medium-sized businesses focus on building a cybersecurity culture as crucial as building cybersecurity defences. 

One would think that large companies, universities, and schools need to prepare future cybersecurity professionals for these positions. So what’s stopping them from doing so? 

Why it isn’t easy to fill cybersecurity roles

First, there aren’t enough qualified professionals in the field. Large and small to medium-sized businesses are trying to hire cybersecurity specialists, but the field also has specific qualifications or credential requirements. An undergraduate or graduate degree in cybersecurity, computer science, or a related discipline may not be sufficient.

I’ve seen postings looking for the unicorn cyber security expert, which just makes no sense. Students expect $100,000 plus a year when they graduate, but that number is far from reality.

Higher learning?

Second, education and degrees do not always reflect if a person has the aptitude or will to find and stop hackers. Company executives should try a different recruitment method to find exceptional applicants.

For instance, Deloitte’s Deloitte Cyber business line hired over 22,000 cybersecurity professionals globally in 2021 to eventually supply these in-demand positions. Candidates attend cyber training and other types of training to get them ready to take on cybersecurity positions—one that usually requires a person with more traditional expertise.

Overlooked and almost forgotten is that students should volunteer their time to earn an employer’s trust. We don’t expect 40-hour weeks. Ask yourself: what makes you more qualified than the next person? Is it drive and passion? Do you understand device and application, penetration, auditing, and so on? 

Students expect higher-than-entry pay because cyber security is in demand. But if you’ve got no experience, you’ve got to prove yourself. Freely sharing your knowledge and applying it to places where you can show your value will help.

The challenge today is that there are many ways hackers can attack your business that no cybersecurity expert can keep you safe 24/7/365. Securing your business against cyber threats demands time, effort, and expertise and is expensive. 

What if there was a better way? 

You would need an always-on solution that keeps you safe 24/7/365, with actionable information to help you improve and enhance your security—without taking time out of your busy day at a fraction of what it would cost to hire another IT person.  

Rather than playing catch-up, why not secure your business with a powerful platform?  

Identify vulnerabilities before they happen. Detect cyber threats and risks across your network’s endpoints and cloud services with one dashboard. A continuous view of potential risks and malicious activity, backed by the expertise to prevent cyber threats and eliminate vulnerabilities, keeps you one step ahead.   

We can help. Please visit us at https://www.cyologylabs.com/mssp for further information and a free consultation. 

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