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Dark Web monitoring

Search and track your company information on the dark side

Dark Web monitoring can help you find leaked or stolen company information on the Dark Web. For example, monitoring could lead to discovering old and new passwords, stolen log-ins, customer information, and credit card numbers.  

Ideally, it is a place to hide and lease ransomware kits, illicit drugs and other illegal products—fake IDs, fake currency, and sites selling anything illegal. It’s a good idea to monitor where your information is.

What is the Dark Web?

The DW are heavily encrypted websites hosted on servers not indexed by search engines. It appeals to the malicious seeking anonymity, those who desire to buy and sell digital information. 

Why are you in the dark? 

Company and personal data for sale get there through phishing, social engineering, malware, disgruntled employees, or through all these dark avenues. The goal of the malicious is to make money off your data. For example, a set of personal data referred to as a fullz packaged and sold, information to use against you by anyone.

What can you do about the Dark Web

As a consumer, you might wish to consider changing your passwords regularly, watch your credit reports, replace credit cards, learn about phishing scams, and be vigilant. If you are a company owner, your goal is to respond aggressively, adopt a Zero-trust approach, engage in regular audits to decrease the risk of future attacks, and monitor the Dark Web. 

Cyology Labs recommends maintaining regular updates on all your software deploying patches after attacks to lock out any hacker using ransomware. We can run security audits on your network and make recommendations, update existing software and deploy patches, and monitor any activity related to your data.  

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