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Computer Virus Telemarketing Scam – Video 13 – Most Popular Internet Scams

This Computer Virus Telemarketing Scam is so annoying. Have you ever received a call from “John Smith” with the thick Indian accent pretending to represent Microsoft or Apple, informing you that your computer had been infected with a virus. In order to so call “fix” the problem, you’ll be asked to go to a website, where they’ll ask you to install a remote control software in order for them to login to your computer. Once you’ve allowed them in, they’ll download a fake anti-virus which will lock your PC and force you to provide your credit information to make a payment to unlock your PC.

For the record, companies like apple and Microsoft will never contact you to let you know if there’s a problem with your computer. It’s your responsibility for keeping your software up to date as I mentioned countless times throughout this course. Always be skeptical and vigilant when you receive these types of calls. Ask for a call back number, or google their phone number while you have them on the phone to see if anyone reported it as a scam.

Here’s another issue you might run into with this scam. You might be browsing the web, minding your own business and all of a sudden, you browser locks up and you see this message on your screen saying “alert, alert, your computer has a virus, please call…” and there’s an 800 #. Here’s where the scammers evolved. These guys were tired of you calling them names and hanging up on them. So this this tactic, you’re now calling them. Again, Microsoft and apple and other won’t ask to remote into your computer.

Remember to never give you’re your personal or banking information to anyone unless you are confident you can trust the source. Remember to report the scam to law enforcement to keep them informed.

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