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In this Podcast, I sit down with TV Host, Radio Host, Published Author, Journalist, and Creative Director Kevin Horek from the Building the Future podcast to talk about Internet Safety and Cyber awareness. Kevin interviews Startups, Entrepreneurs, Investors, and others helping to make our world a better place.

Airing live on WDJY 99.1 FM in Atlanta Tuesday’s & Thursday’s at 2pm EST, Monday to Friday at 1am PST on The 405 Media & on CCTV Public Content (Time Warner 21/Cincinnati Bell 811) in Kentucky Tuesdays at 7:30am, Thursdays at 9:30pm, and Saturdays at 3:30pm

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Terry Cutler

I’m Terry Cutler, the creator of Internet Safety University, an educational system helping to defend corporations and individuals against growing cyber threats. I’m a federal government-cleared cybersecurity expert (a Certified Ethical Hacker), and the founder of Cyology Labs, a first-line security defence firm headquartered in Montréal, Canada. In 2020, I wrote a bestselling book about the secrets of internet safety from the viewpoint of an ethical hacker. I’m a frequent contributor to National & Global media coverage about cyber-crime, spying, security failures, internet scams, and social network dangers families and individuals face daily.