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How to Avoid Internet Scams by cyber criminals

Digital Parent Podcast

Its after the holidays and most kids and teens are preoccupied with their new iPhones, tablets, laptops, etc. As parents, these devices have become digital day cares occupying hours at a time of screen time.

The only problem is that cyber-criminals are fully aware that kids have received new devices for Christmas and most parents don’t have a clue on how to monitor them. On this episode of the Digital Parent Podcast, I decided to get the top ethical hacker Terry Cutler to provide us tips on how to protect our children from some of the top internet scams used by predators and criminals.

For over a decade, Terry Cutler has dedicated himself to teaching cyber-security. Besides helping corporations by investigating fraud & securing their networks from hackers, Terry has developed a comprehensive assessment of threats, vulnerabilities & risks program for establishing needs for protection and accountability solutions.

Terry and I discussed some of the following issues on this podcast:

Sedgrid Lewis, founder of Digital Parent Podcast


Questions I Asked Terry about Internet scams

  • What Are The Top After Christmas Scams?
  • How Dangerous are Websites that Allow Free Downloaded Music?
  • What Are The Steps to Erase Your Data Before Returning Device to Store?
  • What are Your Top Privacy Tips for Teens and
  • Social Media








In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • How to Not Get Arrested for Counterfeit Purses
  • Why Instagram Quizzes are Dangerous
  • Learn How Your ISP Provider is Tracking Illegal Downloads
  • Top Ways Your Cellphone can Get a Virus
  • How to Create a Strong Password
  • Why you shouldn’t root your device

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