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LockBit 2.0 

LockBit 2.0, unlike other Ransomware, spreads on its own. It confuses defence systems and hooks up with other Ransomware on other networks, for instance. It functions in this manner: The attacker infects a single host and sets it loose.

As a result, it is embedded in a network and spreads its encrypting code across devices. Now, it begins its journey across any device. In addition, it hides encryption files, disguising them as a. PNG image file format. 

LockBit-related detections in 2021 were in the healthcare, education, and technology sectors. According to Trend Micro, victims are small and medium-sized businesses at 65.9% and 14.6%, respectively, with large companies comprising 19.5%. 

How to protect against LockBit 2.0 

Cyology Labs recommends six practices to help you defend against LockBit 2.0.

  1. Activate multi-factor authentication. Add layers on top of your initial passwords on your systems. 
  2. Strong passwords. Choose longer passwords with varying characters. Account breaches occur because of easy-to-guess passwords, 
  3. Meanwhile, sweep out outdated accounts. Former employees’ accounts need to be deactivated. 
  4. Further, revisit existing setups. Reviewing existing structures reveals additional issues. In other words, hackers are slipping into your network unnoticed. 
  5. Stay current on new cyber threats. Addressing employee training and monitoring the latest cybersecurity threats keeps you current.
  6. Create backups and offline copies. In one case, an unidentified victim failed to back up his data. He had no choice but to pay the ransom to recover his data. 

Fortunately, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) released a Flash report associated with LockBit 2.0 attacks, detailing various defence tactics, techniques, and procedures.  

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