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An audit will expose the truth in your network

Today’s digitized world’s advantages come with a price: Cyberattacks threaten our everyday existence. You cannot avoid hearing about the more significant, daily cyberattacks. It’s mind-boggling, so much so that it sometimes leaves us speechless. 

Knowing that 36 billion records were exposed through data breaches in the first half of 2020 in the US is enough to leave you tongue-tied. 

But the reality we are trying to avoid turns on a glowing light in our brains. Any day, any time, a hacker can footprint their way into your network and change how you do business. An attack can kill your business. Moreover, it can put you out on the street hunting for employment.  

That glowing light in your brain is warning you in the here and now. Partner with a trustworthy partner who understands how to integrate cybersecurity solutions into your company’s processes and policies. Additionally, this partner can provide a cyber security audit. 

An audit peels back the deep layers

An audit peels back the deep layers of your network, exposing its weaknesses and vulnerabilities and revealing the favourable defences of your network. 

One benefit of an audit is finding unknown network security slip-ups, often forgotten software downloads firing around your network like digital fireflies. 

How many software downloads have your employees executed in the past year? However, It is impossible to keep track! These new insertions can introduce vulnerabilities or slip-ups where hackers can enter. A cybersecurity audit checks an enterprise’s software and devices to avoid any potential attacks or downloads of risky software.

Another benefit of a depthless cybersecurity audit is that you can unmake the bed, pull back the covers, and view your operations from a new viewpoint. Further, your auditing partner can offer their unbiased opinion as a third-party observer. 

We can also help keep track of your cybersecurity budget and ensure all necessary expenses get noticed. Visit us at https://www.cyologylabs.com/mssp

If you wish to learn about consumer concerns, you can download our mobile app, FRAUDSTER, available on Apple and Android. You can learn more at www.FraudsterApp.com

If you’ve already downloaded the FraudsterApp, click the training icon on the home screen to learn to protect yourself. 

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