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2nd Hand Online Shopping – Video 15 – Most Popular Internet Scams

Are you using sites like eBay, Amazon, Facebook garage sale or Kijiji? It may not have happened to you, but Consumers that use online second hand shopping and social media sites have found themselves getting ripped off or giving out private information to a stranger. Rip offs usually include misrepresentation of the product, purchasing of a fake or broken product, paying too much or paying up front and never receiving the item. Other dangerous situations include giving out private information about home or family to an unknown stranger, risking identity theft and robbery.

Here’s a tip, When shopping online use extreme caution and make sure you truly understand who you are doing business with and the risk associated with doing business with strangers. Ask detailed questions about the product or service you want to purchase.  Ask for the product serial number and do your research to ensure you understand what fair market value is and to see if anyone reported it stolen. If you need to meet to make an in person trade, be sure to do so in a public location or that another person is also around. And remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is!

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