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World Password Day

If you didn’t know, today is World Password Day, an annual event created by Intel Security in 2013 to raise awareness about the importance of strong passwords. 

Ironically, it coincides with continued reports that lazy passwords still put companies and individuals at risk for cybercrime. Default passwords, especially common passwords, pose significant risks. 

In an investigation by NordPass, 123456 topped the list of wretched passwords, and qwerty came in a close second. Additionally, the list contains 200 terrible passwords, such as 000000, and, can you believe it, password? In addition, iloveyou, and abcd1234, among others.  

The first known computer password was created in 1960 by Fernando Corbató. Corbató said in 1963 that trying to remember strings of letters and numbers for dozens of digital accounts became a nightmare. Further, he acknowledged the password held flaws. 

The importance of security

People today are aware of the importance of security, but they struggle with welcoming habits that could protect their data. BusinessWire reported some welcoming habits in April, but work is still ahead.

  • Eight in 10 (85%) of Americans reuse passwords across multiple sites, a number comparable to the rest of the globe (84%).
  • Almost half of the US (49%) rely on their memory to manage passwords. 
  • 60% of Americans have an average password length of 9-15 characters (we consider 14 a secure password).
  • Two-factor authentication has gone global: 79% of US respondents use Two-factor authentication at work and home. Globally, 73% (work) and 78% (home). 

World Password Day pledge

Take the #WorldPasswordDay pledge and share these password tips on social media, 


  • First, change an old password to a long, strong one 
  • Second, turn on two-factor authentication for your key accounts
  • Third, don’t store passwords on your computer or phone
  • Fourth, log off when done and create a habit of removing temporary Internet files

To learn more, visit Password Protection: Why it’s Time to Strengthen Your Passwords.

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