Complying with Cyber Liability Insurance


If you assume your cyber insurance claim will sail through without scrutiny, think again. When evaluating your claim, your cyber insurance provider will assess whether you exercised “due care” in safeguarding your business against cyber threats. While possessing a cyber liability insurance policy is a must in today’s landscape, you cannot guarantee that your insurer will cover all the costs incurred in the aftermath of a security breach. Hidden within the fine print of your cyber insurance policy are specific terms and conditions imposed by the insurer, which you must adhere to.

Therefore, it is very important to evaluate your compliance with the terms of your cyber insurance policy and address any risks that may lead to non-compliance. Let’s delve into some common reasons cyber insurers may deny claims, explore the implications of claim denials, and understand how proper support can prevent your cyber insurance claim from being dismissed due to non-compliance.

Top 6 Reasons to Deny Your Claim

  1. Policy Exclusions: Claim denials often stem from security incidents falling within the policy’s exclusion list, as explicitly mentioned in the fine print.
  2. Poor Prevention Practices: Inadequate prevention practices provide insurers with grounds to deny your claim, as your policy outlines mandatory data security practices.
  3. Failure to Document Preventative Measures: The insurer expects tangible evidence, in the form of documentation, showcasing your implemented preventative measures against cyber threats.
  4. Third-Party Stakeholder Fault: If a security lapse occurs in a third-party vendor’s network, your claim may be denied, emphasizing shared responsibility for network security.
  5. Accidental Errors and Omissions: Mistakes in documented evidence shared with the insurer can jeopardize claim approval, necessitating comprehensive and accurate documentation.
  6. Coverage Timeframe Limitations: Understanding and adhering to coverage timeframes is crucial, as it can determine whether all losses or only a portion is covered.

Navigating Compliance 

Although complying with your cyber liability insurance policy may seem daunting initially, having the right support can make the process manageable. Leveraging our compliance process automation platform, we can assist you in:

  • Understanding policy contracts in detail to comprehend coverage specifics.
  • Conducting regular automated compliance assessments to analyze compliance status and areas needing remediation comprehensively.
  • Providing remediation services to correct compliance risks promptly.
  • Generating compliance-specific documentation free of human error, detailed, and tailored to policy requirements.
  • Assisting in purchasing a cyber insurance policy that aligns with your business’s needs at a reasonable price.

We prioritize your protection by updating existing software and swiftly deploying patches to neutralize vulnerabilities. Moreover, our vigilant monitoring extends across every crevice of cybersecurity round the clock, every day of the year. Safeguard your data’s integrity with our relentless oversight. Visit us at to fortify your defences and entrust your cybersecurity to the experts.

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