I believe that prevention, street-proofing and parent-child communication are effective ways to prevent a child from being abducted or falling victim to aggression and exploitation. Giving children the knowledge and practical skills they need to look after themselves is as important as teaching them to read and write.

This particular seminar, entitled “Internet Safety for Parent and Kids “ will allow parents to learn how to handle the sensitive topic of personal safety in a positive and non-threatening manner.

Parents will be given guidelines on how to setup some basic rules that include the following:

  1. Not sharing Personal information online
  2. Cyberbullying prevention techniques
  3. Dangers of Social media
  4. Google tricks to find better information about yourselves


Click the picture to begin the 42 minute presentation. Hope you enjoy it, and don’t forget to provide feedback.

– Terry Cutler







February 24, 2012

Hi Terry,

I watched it last night and was blown away!!!  I believe that viewing this video should be mandatory when they enter high school in grade 7.  Without a doubt!   In my opinion and from what I have seen, most of the kids in that age group on Facebook et al don’t have a clue.  They have little respect for each other and are clueless on how to behave. This is INVALUABLE information for both the kids and their parents.  In this day and age, schools can’t go any longer without this.

I would like to propose it to my daughter’s school.

Kudos for putting this together.  Great work and thank you so much for sending it!

Nancy Price

Mom of an 8th grade Internet user


Letter from the “Internet Safety for Kids” Seminar

This letter is to extend our greatest appreciation for coming to share your wealth of knowledge with us. Thank you for always generously donating your time and coordinating with us to present workshops that help to provide parents with the skills necessary to protect themselves and their children from on-line predators and identity theft.

Kahnawake Shakotiia’takehnhas Community Services

“Very Well done”
“Very helpful and informative”

Internet Safety; Keeping Our Children Safe!

On Wednesday evening, June 13th 2007, “Our Gang” hosted a community information session on Internet Safety.  The information taken home was immeasurable.

Terry Cutler, a Certified Ethical Hacker, was the presenter and his knowledge in the business was widespread.  He began talking about the dangers of the Internet and how easy it is for people to access information on us!  Seems all one must do is type in a name and voila! there you are with links and links to click on.

Terry stressed the importance of teaching our children about such dangers.  Key things to remember:

  • Place your computer in a central location in your home, not in kid’s rooms.
  • Learn who your kids are chatting with online (take the “don’t talk to strangers” message into the digital world).
  • Define your personal standard regarding your child’s privacy.
  • Become familiar with chatting and search tools used by your kids.
  • Ideal age to become a perfect victim is between 11 and 14 years.  But cases involving younger children are common.

Terry also went into various types of filters that parents can use to safeguard their home computers.  Filters are used to “filter out” things you do not want your child to see.  However, it is easy for kids to mistype a link and find themselves in a very adult world.  This is another technique “technophiles” (a technophile is a person who uses the computer to engage in sexual deviancy) use; they make adult sites with names that look just like a common site.  For instance, they may have their material in a site called diseny.com in hopes that a child trying to type in disney.com will stumble upon them.

There was tons of information given, such as looking at sites such as myfamily.com, anybirthday.com and eliyon.com to see if children have registered themselves.  These 3 sites make available names, addresses, phone numbers and birth dates, and are basically available to anyone!  How scary is that?  Seems nowhere is safe anymore.  However, as parents we need to educate ourselves, keep dialogue open with our children and don’t let down our guard when it comes to their safety, even at home on the family computer.

Downloadable material from the Seminar are below:

  1. Internet Safety for Kids, Parents, Teachers January 2012
  2. Internet Safety for Kids oct 22 2008
  3. Internet Safety for Kids 2007
  4. Terry Cutler Internet Safety for kids survey v2