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Cyber Security Awareness Month: Are you prepared?

I want to begin this month by recognizing Cyber Security Awareness Month (CSAM), an annual campaign held in October to educate the public about the significance of cyber security. CSAM aims to inform people about safeguarding themselves and their devices with movements worldwide to help people stay safe online. 

Cyber-attacks on businesses and consumers are at an all-time high. Reports vary, but cybercriminals have become experts at tricking consumers and employees into clicking on malicious links that start attacks. In 2021, 85% of data lost involved a human element. 

That suggests that large and small businesses should establish a cybersecurity awareness program for their organization. Because if we know the hazards associated with online activity and consider what personal information we provide, for what purpose, and with whom, it becomes our best defence.

We are dependent on the Internet

Given how heavily reliant we have grown on the internet for a job, school, shopping, and socializing, this is especially crucial. Every week we see hacks which can have disastrous effects on billions of users. These events remind us of our growing dependence on technology.

In Canada, the Canadian government has started a campaign called Fight phishing: Ruin a cybercriminal’s day, encouraging Canadians to take simple steps to protect themselves from phishing. 

Quick facts

Here are some quick facts from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

  • Cybercrime continues to be a cyber threat that affects Canadians and Canadian organizations.
  • We report only five to 10% of all cybercrimes and fraud.
  • The RCMP continues to see an increase in ransomware in Canada. Since June 2020, the National Cybercrime Coordination Unit has received over 2,200 help calls from domestic and international law enforcement partners. Of these requests, over 30% related to ransomware.

Build security and stay safe online

The more we know, the more businesses and consumers can protect themselves from cyber threats. To help you raise security awareness, throughout October, I will post different educational blogs focusing on Cyber Security Awareness. 

This month will be a great time to learn more about cyber consumer concerns. You can download my interactive mobile app, FRAUDSTER, available on Apple and Android. You can learn more at www.FraudsterApp.com.

If you’ve already downloaded the FraudsterApp, click the training icon on the home screen to learn how to protect yourself. 

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